Pedagogical Concerts

Target: Preschool, 1st to 3rd Cycle of Basic Education, Secondary Education

Concept: It is by the experience and observation that children build knowledge and restructure the way of thinking, which promotes their intellectual development. Based on this idea, the OCS develops a project called the "Pedagogical Concerts", with the primary objective of promoting and educating children and young people to classical music, creating suitable conditions for expanding their knowledge in this area. These concerts allow children and young people to know better the instruments that compose an orchestra and the various works of classical and contemporary composers.

DGEstE - Direção Geral dos Estabelecimentos Escolares Algarve, Câmara Municipal de Albufeira, Câmara Municipal de Faro, Câmara Municipal de Lagos, Câmara Municipal de Loulé, Câmara Municipal de Tavira and Teatro das Figuras

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