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The Orquestra Clássica do Sul (hereinafter referred to as OCS) is a registered trademark of Associação Musical do Algarve, with registered office at Rua João Brito Vargas, Casa das Figuras, 8005-145 Faro.

Type of Personal data: OCS does not process the personal data defined by special categories within the meaning of Article 9 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. However, OCS may obtain and process the following personal data arising from the information provided by you at the Website of OCS, whether through the filling in of forms or sent in free text. This shall include, particularly, the information provided when providing an e-mail address to subscribe to the newsletter.

Purpose of obtaining the data: The data obtained is intended to allow the disclosure of information regarding activities and programming of OCS.

Rights of the data subjects: You may exercise your right of access, rectification, erasure, to object, to revoke the consent, to request the restriction of personal data processing, and the right to data portability.

To exercise such rights, you must send an e-mail to, stating your full name and the right you want to exercise. You can present a complaint with the National Data Protection Committee if you think there was any infringement on your rights.

Period of data storage

The period for which the personal data are stored depends on the wishes of the users. Therefore, if at any specific moment you wish to cancel your subscription, the data shall be stored only for the necessary period to meet the applicable legal requirements. Such storage period is determined based on the applicable legislation in force. The data shall be eliminated after the storage period expires.

Data controller

The entity in charge of the collection and processing of personal data is AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve, with registered office at Rua João Brito Vargas, Casa das Figuras, 8005-145 Faro.

Transfer to third parties

Personal data can only be disclosed to third parties when the legislations allows it, when police and judicial authorities request it, or when the data subject gives its express consent.


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