Did you know that…

... it is said that Mozart wrote the overture of the opera Don Giovanni in a single day, the night before the premiere in Prague on October 29, 1787, without any rehearsal?

... a bow is part made of wood and horsehair, which usually the violinists, violists and cellists use to play the string instruments?

... Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is one of the most famous works in the world? First performed in 1824, the piece has been included in the soundtrack of several movies, including the film A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick. Also Beethoven's Fifth Symphony won in the 70s an electronic version that became a hit in the clubs of the time.

... the harp, along with the flute, is one of the oldest instruments? It is said that it was born of hunting bows, with the sound it made when hitting the rope.

... the works that children and young people like most are from Mozart and Tchaikovsky?

... an estimation says that about 1,500 classical composers have their works performed frequently around the world, in various styles? Among the most popular are concerts, masses, sonatas, suites, symphonies, songs and oratorios.

... you listen to classical music almost every day, even without you realize it? It is very often to be used as background music for movies, television programs, commercials, sporting events, among others.


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