Seasonal Concert Cycles

Regular Programme

The OCS intends to consolidate the concerts season that features regularly in the Algarve and the Spanish region of Andalusia and extend its activity to the Alentejo and Setúbal, presenting a diverse programme, bold and high artistic quality.

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Promenade Concerts

OCS invites all the family to discover more about Classical Music in this cycle of Promenade Concerts, with very interesting programmes inspired in children's interests.

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Classical Covers Cycle

In this cycle OCS presents itself in more eclectic repertoires, maintaining the essence of its leisure function, allied to an exceptional quality.

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Classic Lethes

This cycle of concerts will be an excellent opportunity to listen to the greatest works of Chamber Music repertoire in one of the most iconic concert rooms in Algarve.

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Chamber Music Cycle

The Chamber Music Cycles are a constant programme highlight, providing more choice and diversity of musical concerts in this area.

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Pedagogical Concerts

It is by the experience and observation that children build knowledge and restructure the way of thinking, which promotes their intellectual development. Based on this idea, the OCS develops a project called the "Pedagogical Concerts".

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Soloists Cycle

With this cycle the OCS makes known its instrumentalists, stimulating their presentations also as soloists and giving the public a different perspective on the artistic body of this orchestra.

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Ciclo de Laureados

OCS is proud to promote and advance the career of young soloists, winners of national competitions, opening their doors and inviting them to perform solo in their concert season.

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OCS Choir

The creation of a choir dedicated to classical music performances allows the expansion of the range of the OCS productions, simultaneously considering the specificity of the choir’s repertoires, and the new experiences that it will provide to its participants.

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