Orquestra Clássica do Sul Choir

The Orquestra Clássica do Sul presents its latest project - the OCS Choir.  For its association to the Orchestra, it will be the only musical ensemble of its kind in the south of Portugal.

The creation of a choir dedicated to classical music performances allows the expansion of the range of the OCS productions, simultaneously considering the specificity of the choir’s repertoires, and the new experiences that it will provide to its participants.

The conductor and vocal director of this project is Rui Baeta, a renowned Portuguese baritone, who joins the Orquestra Clássica do Sul for this challenging initiative. Expecting that the OCS Choir project will have a "very inspiring development path", Rui Baeta directs a mixed choir, with female and male voices, who will interpret choir and orchestral repertoires in concerts during the OCS artistic seasons.

In addition to his tasks with the OCS Choir, Rui Baeta will also be available for a limited number of individual lyric singing classes.

Although not intended to become a professional ensemble, the OCS Choir will be devoted to the interpretation of a large repertoire signed by great composers.  The OCS Choir project is open to participants of 18 years old or over, with or without choral singing experience.



To those who wish to improve their vocal technique, Rui Baeta will be available to schedule a limited number of individual classes on Lyric Singing. The fee for the participation in these classes will be subject to agreement with the teacher.

For more information concerning these individual singing classes, please send email to, or call 289 860 890.

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