Violin Tutti

Announcement for the following vacancy:

VIOLIN TUTTI (2 vacancies)

Gross monthly salary of 1.306.37€ (Includes basic salary + instrument maintenance, garment and recording allowance + food allowance)

To start:  01st January to 31st December 2020 with the possibility of renewal for the same periods.

Closing date for application: October 10th 2019

Closing date for confirmation of attendance at the audition: October 15th 2019

Auditions location & dates: Faro (Portugal), October 22nd  2019, 10.00am


Highly qualified candidates should apply with detailed CV  with the indication of the concert to perform in the 1ª and 3ª round to:

Orquestra Clássica do Sul

Rua João Brito Vargas, Casa das Figuras, 8005-145 Faro, PORTUGAL


(No phonecalls accepted)



Tuning will be done inside audition hall.

OCS will supply a pianist for the  1ª and 3ª round of the audition (only).

1ª and 2ª round will be performance “behind curtain”.


Informações adicionais / Further details:

Travel, lodging and local transportation expenses are of the candidate’s sole responsibility.

The order for each candidate shall be selected before the beginning of the audition.

All candidates must arrive 30 minutes before the audition time.

OCS reserves the right to not hire any of the candidates from the audition, regardless of their classification.


Audition violino tutti

The audition is composed by three rounds:

1ª round

2ª round



All excerpts belong to the violin I part, except when stated otherwise.


1ª Round


W. A. Mozart

1st movement with Cadence of one of the following concerts:

Concerto for violin No. 3, K.216 in G Major

Concerto for violin No. 4, K.218 in D Major

Concerto for violin No. 5, K. 219 in A Major



W.A. Mozart

Symphony No. 35 in D major K. 385

1º movement “allegro con spirit”

From the beginning until bar 60

4º movement “presto”

From the beginning until bar 71

J. Haydn

Symphony No. 102 in B flat major

2º movement “adagio”

From the beginning until bar 16


2ª Round



W. A. Mozart

Symphony nº 39

4º movement Fianle “Allegro”

From the beginning until bar 78

L.V. Beethoven

Symphony nº 1 in C major

1º movement “adagio molto”

From bar 4 to bar 52

2º movement (violin II part) “andante cantabile”

From the beginning until bar 12

R. Strauss

Don Juan Op.20

(first page)




1st movement of one of the following romantic concertos: Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Sibelius or Tchaikovsky



Symphony nº 3  in flat major

3rd movement “scherzo”

S. Prokofiev

Symphony nº 1 Op.25

First movement “allegro com brio”

First page

A. Schoenberg

Chamber Symphony No. 2 Op. 38

First movement “adagio”

From the beginning to bar 45


Orchestral Excerpts to download



01/10 Tuesday
Teatro das Figuras
9.30 pm

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MUSICAL DIALOGUES | Desgarrada Clássica

10/10 Thursday
Foyer do Teatro das Figuras
7.00 pm

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