President Message

António Branco


We begin 2023 with the celebration of classical music in the traditional New Year's Eve and Three Kings' Day concerts, especially designed to reach a very diverse audience in a very joyful atmosphere. This will be one of the year's keynotes: through the choice of repertoires, types of concerts and venues, we intend to meet the needs of audiences with a wide variety of musical interests and knowledge.

The year of 2023 will also be a year of committed investment in a strategy that accentuates the role of our Orchestra as an instrument of territorial cohesion from an artistic, cultural and social point of view, extending our action to disseminate erudite music to the entire territory of the Algarve and striving to meet audiences who usually feel alienated from this extraordinary cultural asset - either because they are unfamiliar with it or because they believe they have no right to it. Or even because they live far away from the major centres of cultural life in the Algarve.

In order to achieve this vision of integration – that pays attention to the existing social exclusions – we have a new conductor, Martim Sousa Tavares. Our enthusiastic bet on this young conductor was due, on the one hand, to the high maturity and clarity of his artistic vision and, on the other hand, to his total harmony with our goal of increasingly making known to all, without exception, the highest quality classical music produced since the 18th century, while at the same time loosening, broadening, and modernising the types of relationship that can be established with it.

Yes, the year of 2023 is a year of changes supported by a new life cycle of this Orchestra!

Throughout the first quarter, we will be announcing publicly which changes we are exactly talking about.

Stay tuned…!



António Branco

Chairman of the Board

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