Pedagogical Cycle

Following actions already implemented, the OCS will carry out a series of pedagogical activities in the 2020 season with the aim of promoting a first contact of state school students with classic music, as well as bringing teachers closer to orchestral music performances. Further, this cycle also aims to enhance pedagogical skills in the field of music education, strengthen the relationship between the schools and the orchestra players, contribute to the broadening of the knowledge of musical instruments and the sounds of the orchestra, as well as side against the inequality of opportunities, social exclusion and advocate for the democratization of the access to culture. Coordinated by the OCS Education Department, these activities include: Pedagogical Concerts, Teacher Education sessions and Artistic Residences.

The Pedagogical Concerts are intended to include state school students (ages ranging from 3 to 16 years), and constitute an opportunity for interactive activities among the students, the orchestra and the larger audience. They are scheduled during class hours, and provide mutual enriching opportunities for the participating schools as well as the orchestra.

The Teacher Education sessions (short time sessions) are intended for the teachers of the schools of all education cycles participating in the pedagogical concerts. They are supervised by qualified professors and are organized in collaboration with local Teacher Education Centres. These sessions aim to promote the awareness of the participants for the need to integrate classic music in their teaching plans.

The Artistic Residences (RA-OCS) are learning sequences in the teaching of music. Intended for classes of the 1st schooling cycle, the RA-OCS are taught by an OCS musician, in classroom context, in collaboration with the teacher of the participating classes. They provide an excellent opportunity for the students to learn to appreciate different aesthetic-cultural activities related to music, which contribute to the essential learnings established on the national syllabus of Artistic Expression and Music Education.

The project of the OCS’ Pedagogical Cycle was programmed in consonance with the national “Projeto de Autonomia e Flexibilidade Curricular”, providing a context for the inter and trans-thematic work of the syllabus’ contents (more information).

The cycle’s design has considered the published “Perfil dos Alunos à saída da Escolaridade Obrigatória”, since it allows for the development of the individual competences there listed, through the planned educational activities (more information).

The educational potential of the OCS Pedagogical Cycle further allows for the concretization of learning practices that contribute to the students’ development in accordance with the measures inscribed on the national “Estratégia Nacional de Educação para a Cidadania” (more information).



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