Is it your first time in an Orchestra concert?

Each genre has its own characteristics, and this is no exception.
As the football players do before a game, before entering on stage musicians also prepare with the heating of the muscles and train some musical passages and concentration. When they are on stage, the orchestra tunes the instruments following the note "A" on the oboe or the violin of the concertmaster. After the conductor enters, the concert begins.

If you never attended an orchestra concert, then here are some tips:

- Although the musicians dress a traditionally most classic and elegant outfit, the public is not required to wear a very formal one so more can contact with classical music and lose the idea that this genre is very "boring” or for the richest.

- You should always arrive a little before the start time of the concert. So you can look your place more calmly, turning off your phone and feel the atmosphere that we live in these concerts. And, as usually the shows begin at the scheduled time, you do not trouble the rest of the audience that is listening...

- Even if you do not know the works that will be played, there is no problem. In almost every concert, you can find the programme notes on the musical pieces and their composers, as well as the biographies of the conductor and soloist who will be on stage.

- At the end of each work, the conductor leaves the stage, but it doesn’t mean that the concert is over. At this time, it is expected that the public applauds to the conductor and he returns to the stage, along with musicians and soloists, if it’s the case. If the audience applauds enthusiastically, the conductor can leave and return to the stage more than once.

- Tradition says that only we should applaud at the end of the musical piece. Most of it are composed by several movements, which are parts with different rhythms. Typically, it range from three to five movements per piece, but you can always see in the programme of the concert how many parts it has.

- You should listen to the concerts quietly and with attention, to understand what music wants to express and not to disturb others.



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