Pedagogical Cycle

Following actions already implemented, the OCS will carry out a series of pedagogical activities in the 2020 season coordinated by the OCS Education Department.

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Promenade Concerts

Come discover the classical music with the Orquestra Clássica do Sul. Bring your family and realize that this kind of music can be fun.

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The Orchestra

Music! The word "music" comes from the Greek mousiké that in the original means "the art of the Muses". We can define music as an art form that combines sounds and silence following rules of rhythm and time.

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Is it your first time in an Orchestra concert?

Each genre has its own characteristics, and this is no exception. As the football players do before a game, before entering on stage musicians also prepare with the heating of the muscles and train some musical passages and concentration.

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Did you know that…

... it is said that Mozart wrote the overture of the opera Don Giovanni in a single day, the night before the premiere in Prague on October 29, 1787, without any rehearsal?

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