Clarinet - Solista B

Temporary replacement



Applicants who attend the Auditions must:





Soloist b: Gross monthly income: EUR 1,494.5 (Includes basic salary + instrument maintenance allowance, dress and recording allowance + food allowance.



Closing date for application: 22nd November 2020 (Postponed, subject to rescheduling)

Applicants will be informed of the acceptance of their Application by 07 December 2020




1st movement of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto only the part of the solo exposition (from bar 57 to bar 154) without piano accompaniment, played on the clarinet in A.

Excerpts of 4 works from the OCS repertoire, one of which should record the parts of 1st clarinet and the other 3 the parts of 2nd clarinet:


6th Symphony of Beethoven part of 1st clarinet Sib

1st. Movement


From bar 83 to 93

From bar 474 to 492


2nd. Movement

From bar 7 to 18

From bar 68 to 77


3rd. Movement


From bar 122 to 133


Final Allegretto


From bar 1 to 5


Mendelssohn-Midsummer night dream part of 2nd clarinet sib

Nº1 Scherzo


From the beginning to 15 bars after A

16 bars before E to E

12 bars before K up to 6 bars before K

From the letter L to the letter M

7 Final bars


Mendelssohn-Hebrides Overture part of 2nd Clarinet A


From bar 206 to 217


Mendelssohn-4th Symphony part of 2nd Clarinet A


2nd Movement

From bar 45 to 56


4th Movement Saltarello Presto

From bar 13 to 34

From bar 106 to 122


The concert and the excerpts must be recorded in a single take within a format that allows their reproduction by OCS digital devices.


Informações adicionais / Further details:

The Orquestra Clássica do Sul was born in September 2013, from the restructure of the Orquestra do Algarve, with the purpose of consolidating its implementation in the Algarve and Andalusia (Spain) regions and extending its activity to the regions of Alentejo and Setúbal.

The Orquestra Clássica do Sul is located in Faro, on the southern coast of Portugal.

The Orchestra reserves the right to leave available position unfilled.


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